Advanced aerial firefighting, aviation ab initio, fuel supply
and distribution, aviation maintenance organisations and safety training.

Kishugu Aviation is the air wing of Kishugu providing a wide range of specialist aircraft and highly skilled pilots to clients that require the services of a professional, independent aviation company. Kishugu Aviation, a registered Kishugu Holdings company, is renowned for providing the aerial support to the South African Governments’ Department of Environmental Affairs (Expanded Public Works) Working on Fire Programme (WOF).

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Our aircraft fleet includes the Cessna 100 and 200 series, Air Tractor 802 series, Dromader M-18 series, Bell 206 and Bell 205/UH-1H series, also known as ‘Hueys’. Ground support is provided in the form of 14 Aircraft Supply Vehicles (ASV’s) including mobile fuel bowsers.

Our fleet provides delivery of equipment and supplies, deployment of helicopter crews to fires, firefighter transport, reconnaissance of new fires, locations, and behavior, can ignite prescribed fires and foam or retardant drops to slow, contain or kill fires. Kishugu Aviation also provides a full portfolio of aviation training courses through its Aviation Training Organisation (ATO), a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) licensed Aviation Maintenance Organisation (AMO), extensive charter and other aerial work, Bambi Bucket sales and service and aviation fuel supply.

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Legal Compliance and Logistics
Our Legal Compliance and Logistics Department (LC&L) is responsible for sourcing and placement of all our aerial and ground support resources. This Department ensures that the Company’s Classes 2 and 3 air service licenses as well as Parts 127, 96, and 135 remain current, compliant. The CL&L is the custodian of Aviation’s 4* NOSA rating. Aviation’s risk management portfolio is overseen by Legal and Logistics
Overall Management
The professional Management Structure at Kishugu® conforms to strict South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) protocols. Ninety percent of key titleholders are commercially licensed pilots with years of experience in all aspects of a successful, fully compliant aerial business.
Aviation Maintenance Organisation
FFA Aviation AMO 1116 (Pty) Ltd is a South African Civil Aviation (SACAA) Authority approved Aircraft Maintenance facility. All maintenance is carried out in terms of manufacturers’ recommendations, SACAA regulations and approved aircraft maintenance schedules.
Aviation Training Organisation

The Kishugu Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) is a dynamic South African pilot training Academy that offers students flight training from pupil to private pilot and commercial certification. We offer training courses on a full time or part-time basis.

Charter and Aerial Work

Apart from providing aircraft, in support of wildland firefighting, Kishugu Aviation is respected in the commercial sector assisting with major civil engineering projects. We provide charter and aerial work services in South Africa and in Africa.

“Aircraft and helicopters are critical tools in managing wildland fire. Kishugu Aviation provides national and international aerial firefighting services with resources.”


We aim to grow this business even further, beyond the horizon, for the greater good of the world at large.