Dear CEO & Board Member

Date: 06 August 2022
Venue: Mbombela Stadium, Suite 10 (Kishugu’s suite)
Time: Arrival from 15:30, the game starts at 17:05

Please take note of following arrangements:


If you don’t reside in Nelspruit, please indicate below when you will arrive, for us to deliver your ticket. Mbombela stadium will release the tickets within the next few weeks.

Dietary & drink requirements:

Ticket Details

Ticket Delivery

We will keep in touch via WhatsApp to get your tickets delivered to you before the game.

For any enquiries or uncertainties please don’t hesitate to contact:
Naranda Leeuwner on 072 447 5968 or

See you on 06 August in Nelspruit!

Please note that this invitation is unfortunately not transferable.

Looking forward to hosting you!