Working on Fire

Working on Fire is pioneer and global leader in providing Integrated Fire Management (IFM) Solutions globally at a local, provincial and national level. IFM is a strategic, coordinated and effective framework for fighting unwanted fires.

Working on Fire Programme

The Working on Fire Programme is a government-funded, job-creation initiative focusing on implementing Integrated Fire Management in South Africa. It employs more than 5000 young men and women who are recruited from marginalised communities and trained as wildland firefighters.

Working on Fire Australia

Working on Fire Australia supplies Integrated Fire Management and Climate Change services to the Australian market. WoF Australia’s Integrated Fire Management services include, amongst others, firefighting; wildfire prevention and detection as well as suppression – both in aerial and ground operations with expertise across vegetation types, including tropical climate, cultures and socio-environmental tensions.

Working on Fire Chile

Working on Fire Chile provides Integrated Fire Management Services (IFMS) across Chile on a local, provincial and national level. Our main objectives are to provide a full range of Integrated Fire Services, including forest fire prevention, firefighting, training, fire management equipment and fuel load reduction.

Working on Fire Brazil

Working on Fire Brazil has been operating since early 2014 and concentrate on safeguarding people’s lives, the environment and properties through developing Working on Fire in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Their first Computer Assisted Camera Detection contract was awarded by Eldorado, MS for 11 cameras through an Advanced Fire Information System (AFIS).

Internationally Acknowledged

For over a decade, Kishugu is internationally acknowledged as the implementer of the award winning South African Government’s Working on Fire Programme (WoF). The WoF Programme is the most successful job creation and skills development programme in the history of South Africa. Through is subsidiary companies, Kishugu today operates on five continents with active operations in Sub Saharan Africa, Australia, Chile, Brazil and the United States.

“Working on Fire is pioneer and global leader in providing Integrated Fire Management (IFM) Solutions globally at a local, provincial and national level. ”

Kishugu Training

Kishugu Training is an accredited training provider, the official training provider for Government’s Working on Fire Programme, and a preferred supplier of fire related and incident management training courses.

Kishugu Aviation

Kishugu Aviation is the air wing of Kishugu and provides a wide range of specialist aircraft and highly skilled pilots to clients that require the services of a professional, independent aviation company.

Kishugu Fleet Solutions

Kishugu Fleet Solutions supply high-quality vehicles while ensuring that global best practices are applied. This ensures the safety of people, vehicles and equipment.


We aim to grow this business even further, beyond the horizon, for the greater good of the world at large.