For the greater good®

Saving lives, the environment and property
About Us

Kishugu® believes in the power of the collective. Kishugu® is about breaking ground in pursuit of discovering innovative solutions and empowering others, aiming to make a social, economic and environmental impact beyond expectations and borders.

We subscribe to the rationale of accountability, teamwork, excellence, adaptability and making a difference in the lives of people, the environment and planet.

Where We Operate

Kishugu® is expanding its products and services to be offered to target markets across the world. The international expansion strategy is focussed on all areas of high fire risk and areas where related industries can utilise our core products and services.

Our Companies
Kishugu® through its subsidiaries, provide services and solutions to the mining-, industrial- and agricultural industries, forestry, game farms and state-owned entities. We provide state-of-the-art training solutions to the aviation and firefighting industries.
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Kishugu Training
Kishugu Aviation
Kishugu Fleet Solutions
Working on Fire Programme


We aim to grow this business even further, beyond the horizon, for the greater good® of the world at large.