About Us

Kishugu Holdings (Pty) Ltd, under its subsidiaries, provide, among other services, the most effective Fire Management System in the world. We subscribe to the rationale of accountability, teamwork, excellence, adaptability and making a difference in the lives of people, the environment and planet.

The Kishugu Group, under the Working on Fire brand, is a global leader in supplying Integrated Fire Management Solutions (IFM). We offer advanced and all-inclusive solutions to our clients’ fire management needs, ranging from personnel, training and equipment to fire management planning and advisory services.


Kishugu has over 30 years’ experience in a variety of global landscapes affected by fire. It has done extensive work in protecting, preventing and suppressing wildfire, based on applied research on all aspects of wildfire. For the last 15 years, this expertise enabled Kishugu to successfully implement the South African Governments’ Working on Fire Programme.

Today, it is the primary fire resource responsible for wildfire management across South Africa. The multi-award winning programme is celebrated as the most successful job creation and skills development programme in the history of South Africa.

Kishugu provides all aspects of Integrated Fire Management services to all affected sectors from governments, environmental and military agencies to forestry, agricultural companies to land users, NGO’s, national and multi-national development agencies, industry associations and Fire Protection Associations (FPA’s).


This includes everything needed in wildfire management from aircraft, vehicles, pilots, firefighters, incident management teams to equipment, tools and training.

Our global leadership in Integrated Fire Management is maintained through innovation and investing in people.

Our belief in high environmental and ethical standards is reflected in our core values of accountability, teamwork, excellence and making a difference.

Our specialised management teams are experts in diverse wildfire scenarios, from the grass and peat lands of Asia and South America to the tropical forests of Africa and beyond. We have the experience and capacity to tailor-make wildfire solutions to specific challenges. Kishugu can deal with virtually any wildfire scenario as we have the capacity and resources.


To become the global leaders in Integrated Fire Management (IFM).


Kishugu develops, supplies and implements Integrated Fire Management Solutions across the whole value chain to government, land management agencies, landowners and communities.



We strive for excellence in all our operations: saving lives, properties and the environment. To be excellent, we need to be accountable for our actions.

Accountability is key to Kishugu’s continued success and for this reason, we make available – to all our stakeholders – a free and anonymous, externally operated Ethics Line.

This management tool enables concerned employees, partners, suppliers etc., associated with Kishugu to anonymously report any fraudulent, corrupt and unethical practices to an independent third party – Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd. By doing so, you can help protect the integrity of the organisation.


Whistle Blowers has a 24-hour service, every day of the year and their agents are well able to assist you with any concerning matter. They promise to protect your identity by keeping your calls safe, secure and anonymous.

To contact Whistle Blowers, you can make use of any of the following platforms:

Phone: 0800 111 528
SMS: 33490
Email: kishugu@whistleblowing.co.za
Website: www.whistleblowing.co.za


Kishugu Group Profile

Kishugu is a leading, private Integrated Fire Management Solutions (IFMS) company.

Our Future

Climate change and forestry mechanisation are expected to “change the game” for fighting forest fires, creating a need for a specialised fire management capacity. 

Kishugu History

Kishugu Holdings and its subsidiaries are growing beyond its borders to provide so much more than just firefighting.