Our History

Kishugu Holdings and its subsidiaries are growing beyond its borders of firefighting only. Today, through Kishugu Aviation, Kishugu Fleet Solutions and Kishugu Training, our service offering reaches a wider target market in various other industries and services.

Kishugu means anthill in Swahili. The Kishugu logo symbolises the anthill shape, a halo of the broad, all-encompassing nature and activity of the company and symbolises the collective of working together. It also encapsulates the vision to grow, see beyond the horizon and excel beyond all borders.


In 2003, prior to the establishment of the FFA Group, the Forest Fire Association – FFA Section 21 Company (established in 1991), which was an association of various commercial forestry interests, was awarded the first Working on Fire (WoF) tender, WP8282.

During the span of the contract, two independent companies provided their unique range of services to the Forest Fire Association Section 21 Company. Forest Air provided aerial firefighting services and EnviroNet Solutions provided ground-based integrated fire management.

The growth of the WoF Programme led the company’s auditors to recommend the formation of a group of companies, the FFA Group, to implement the Working on Fire Programme in the future. As a result, Forest Air and EnviroNet Solutions amalgamated into the newly formed group.

A company structure was formed comprising of FFA Holdings (Pty) Ltd as a holding company that legally owns all the shares in the companies that make up the FFA Group. Each of these companies was formed to fulfil a specific function within the FFA Group.

In 2014 the FFA Group rebranded to Kishugu Holdings (Pty) Ltd and currently operates with four subsidiaries, Kishugu Aviation (Pty) Ltd, Kishugu Fleet Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Kishugu Trianing (Pty) Ltd and Working on Fire (Pty) Ltd.

Kishugu Group Profile

Kishugu is a leading private Integrated Fire Management Solutions (IFMS) company in the world.

Our Future

Climate change and forestry mechanisation are expected to “change the game” for fighting forest fires, creating a need for a specialised fire management capacity. Kishugu®’s mission is to roll out its Integrated Fire Management Service (IFMS) model, developed in South Africa, to the rest of the world to meet this need.

About Us

Kishugu Holdings (Pty) Ltd, under its subsidiaries, provide, among other services, the most effective Fire Management System in the world. We subscribe to the rationale of accountability, teamwork, excellence, adaptability and making a difference in the lives of people, the environment and planet.