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Kishugu’s mission is to roll out its Integrated Fire Management Service (IFMS) model, developed in South Africa, to the rest of the world to meet this need.

Climate change is causing increased frequency and severity of wildfires, making the need for effective fire management solutions even more urgent to ensure trees survive to maturity when they can be harvested and processed.


Due to forestry mechanisation, there are fewer and fewer workers on plantations, creating a need for a specialised fire management service providers.

A lack of preventative measures and a lack of integration in terms of detection and suppression can have catastrophic results.

Recent examples where reaction times and a lack of prevention, like fuel load reduction, cost human lives and caused millions of dollars of damage include Valparaiso, Chile during 2014, Nueva Aldea, Chile in 2012 and Victoria, Australia in 2009.



Kishugu Holdings (Pty) Ltd has streamlined its approach to target its markets with meaner and leaner service offerings. Through its subsidiaries, these four business units each has their own strategies to address its target markets to suit their specific needs.

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A wildfire in the WUI where slow reaction time caused by a lack of integration had catastrophic results. The fire burned for four days with 3,500 people from CONAF, ONEMI, local firefighters, the police and army plus 12 helicopters and three air tankers battled to contain the fire. The aftermath left 2,500 buildings destroyed, caused 15 regrettable deaths and injured 510 people.

CHILE 2014

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A wildfire in Arauco's Nueva Aldea plantation (not protected by Kishugu at the time) got out of control and could not be contained by the companies' workers. 22,500 ha of forests burned as well as Arauco's largest plywood plant.

CHILE 2012

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3,582 CFA volunteers and Department of Environment firefighters were unable to control bushfires on a Red Flag day due to extremely high fuel loads in the Victorian forests. The fires burned for over a month, destroying 450,000 ha, injuring 414 and causing the deaths of 173 people. Total costs from the fire are estimated to be billions of dollars.


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Kishugu is a leading private Integrated Fire Management Solutions (IFMS) company in the world.

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The world has passed the point of no return. One of the major effects of global warming is climate change, and therefore a drastic increase in wildfires. Kishugu has, over the past decade, developed strategies and solutions to mitigate the risks of wildfire. According to a study by the Columbia University, climate change had doubled Western U.S. forest fires.

Kishugu History

Kishugu Holdings and its subsidiaries are growing beyond its borders to provide so much more than just firefighting.