Integrated Fire Management Services

Integrated Fire Management (IFM) is a series of actions implemented through reduction, readiness, response and recovery planning and management.

Our IFM solutions can be adapted to suit the requirements, including country specific legislation, of clients, including large-scale commercial forestry operations, governments, various land users and Fire Protection Associations (FPA).

Activities in IFM include fire awareness, fire prevention, prescribed burning, resource sharing and coordination, fire detection, fire suppression, fire damage rehabilitation and research at a local, provincial and national level to create a sustainable and well-balanced environment, reduce wildfire damage and promote the beneficial use of fire.
Integrated Fire Management Servives
Integrated Fire Management


Fire Reduction, as part of Integrated Fire Management, is a set of activities developed to mitigate and manage the start and spread of fires as well as navigation of legislation during implementation.


Response as part of Integrated Fire Management is a set of coordinated actions to bring the correct resources with accurate information to an unwanted fire without delay.


Mitigate fire risk through planning, training, early detection and resource capacity. We provide proven risk management, training, detection and system and capacity solutions to mitigate fire risk.


The aftermath of a wildfire requires rehabilitation of the burnt area. Immediate dangers include soil erosion and longer-term damage by invasion of exotic and invasive plant species. In commercial areas there can be a need to remove burnt materials and re-plant commercial crops and trees.

Kishugu Training

Kishugu Training is an accredited training provider, the official training provider for Government’s Working on Fire Programme, and a preferred supplier of fire related and incident management training courses.

Kishugu Aviation

Kishugu Aviation is the air wing of Kishugu and provides a wide range of specialist aircraft and highly skilled pilots to clients that require the services of a professional, independent aviation company.

Kishugu Fleet Solutions

Kishugu Fleet Solutions supply high-quality vehicles while ensuring that global best practices are applied. This ensures the safety of people, vehicles and equipment.

“Our IFM solutions can be adapted to suit the requirements, including country specific legislation, of clients.”