Cape clothing factory closed

Written By Kishugu

On 28/03/2017

Cape clothing factory closed

28 Mar, 2017Kishugu

The economic viability and managerial capacity has taken its toll on a Cape based clothing manufacturer. This week Kishugu Clothing will close its doors in spite of strenuous efforts by the investors to save jobs and keep the factory open.

“We are deeply sympathetic to the plight that our workers now face, not to mention hardship for their families. But there was nothing that we could do to save the business,” said Naranda Leeuwner, Head of Corporate Communication at Kishugu.

The factory in Wynberg, Cape Town, produced a wide range of industrial work wear for local and international buyers and specialised in manufacturing protective clothing for firefighters- using local material.
“Kishugu Clothing was a joint venture between Kishugu Holdings and Katawa Trading in which Katawa provided a managerial role within the company.

“We unfortunately have not been able to turn this business into a profit in spite of our best efforts and the hard work of each and every employee,” said Leeuwner.

We have entered into a business rescue in a last ditch effort to trade into profit, but we could not come up with a viable business plan to save it, and are saddened to have disappointed our valuable workers during the closing.

“We thank every employee who worked at Kishugu Clothing for all their efforts and commitment during their time there. It is greatly appreciated.” Leeuwner concluded.

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