Fire-Herbivory Experiment – Satara, Kruger National Park

Written By Kishugu

On 24/06/2016

Fire-Herbivory Experiment – Satara, Kruger National Park

24 Jun, 2016Working on Fire

The experimental burn plot (EBP) trial initiated in 1954 in the Kruger National Park is one of few ongoing long-term fire ecology research projects in Africa.

The trial aims to assess the impacts of different fire regimes in the Kruger National Park.

The trial was started in 1954 by the newly formed Biological Section of the Kruger National Park in response to a lack of information on the role of burning in the preservation of fauna and flora. The objectives of the trial were to assess the influence of fire on what were perceived as the four most important veld types (landscapes) and their associated biotic populations in the Kruger National Park.

On behalf of SANParks and the Satara Research team, I would like to officially thank you and the rest of the Working on Fire team for applying the burning treatments to the research plots on the Fire-Herbivory Experiment in Satara last week.

As anticipated, these plots did not actually burn but your time and efforts are sincerely appreciated. It’s due to the support from WoF that we can maintain this experiment.

It was a pleasure meeting the team and being able to work with you.

Looking forward to working with you again and tapping into all those years of knowledge and expertise.


Tercia Strydom
Scientist: Abiotic Processes
Scientific Services, Skukuza
Kruger National Park
South African National Parks (SANParks)

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