One less spark, one less fire

6 Sep, 2018 | Kishugu Aviation

With more than four fires reported since the weekend in the Lowveld region, the Lowveld Escarpment Fire Protection Association (LEFPA) has been on full alert.

With the hot and dry conditions continuing this week until the weekend, it is expected that any fires could be fueled by the hot, dry and windy conditions.

With ground and aerial resources from multiple agencies, including Working on Fire, have been dispatched to various fires in the area. Fortunately, all fires were contained before causing serious damage.

“We ask the public to please be vigilant. All burning permits have been suspended until further notice as the FDI will remain in deep yellow and orange in certain areas for the rest of the week,” Andre Scheepers, manager at LEFPA stated. “Good luck to all the firefighting teams who help save lives, the environment, and property.”

DID YOU KNOW: 90% of fires are caused by humans, therefore it is imperative to be fire conscious and fire safe.

We urge everyone to be cautious and report any fires to 0860 66 3473.

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