Working on Fire demonstrates global expertise in Brazil

Written By Kishugu

On 03/10/2016

Working on Fire demonstrates global expertise in Brazil

3 Oct, 2016Working on Fire

Working on Fire’s (WoF) attendance, at a prestigious forestry show in Brazil, has demonstrated the potential of WoF to share expertise and grow business in this region.

“It was pleasure to attend the Aspex Bahia Florestal show in Bahia – a region with great business potential for WoF International”, said Andy Bays, Managing Director for Working on Fire Brazil. “We certainly hope they will host this type of show again in the near future.”

It was the first edition of the Aspex Bahia Florestal and Working on Fire was one of the main sponsors. The show took place from 31 August to 02 September in Eunápolis, a municipality in Bahia.



Bahia is located in the north eastern part of Brazil, on the Atlantic coast. It is the fourth largest of the 26 states of Brazil, with a population of nearing 100,000 people.  Aspex is the Association of Producers of Eucalyptus. During this particular show they were celebrating 10 years of the organisation as an association.

Daniel Santos, Finance Manager of WoF Brazil, delivered a presentation that focused on Fire Detection – one of the main products of Integrated Fire Management in Brazil. He emphasised that WoF has 22 years experience in delivering quality detection services and tools, through FireHawk.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase how WoF can support major forestry companies and, in so doing, grow our footprint in South America.”

The major player in forestry in Bahia is Veracel, a company that owns over 120,000 ha of plantation and is owned by the Brazilian company, Fibria, and the Finnish-Swedish company, Storia Enso. This makes them a major stakeholder in pulp export across the globe.

“Veracel’s Operational Director explained that they need to receive, on average, at least 33,000 trees per day in order to produce their required amount of pulp,” said Santos. “This means that they cannot afford to lose trees in forest fires and is what WoF set out to ensure”

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