Counter fleet risks by making use of personnel carriers

According to Arrive Alive legislation to this effect came into effect in May. This law was passed after statistics showed that thousands of people die annually when transported in this way.

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On 21/08/2017

Counter fleet risks by making use of personnel carriers

21 Aug, 2017Kishugu Fleet

Did you know that it is illegal to convey passengers on the back of a bakkie (LDV) for remuneration?

According to Arrive Alive legislation of conveying passengers on the back of an LDV came into effect in May this. This law was passed after statistics showed that thousands of people die annually when transported in this way. Kishugu Fleet Solutions specialises in offering safe means of transport. This gives clients great piece of mind.

Howard Dembowsky from Justice Project South Africa, the goods compartment of any vehicle – regardless of whether it is a motor car, an LDV, or a truck, is not designed for the transportation of people and typically such compartments have none of the safety features which are incorporated in the passenger cabin of such vehicles.”

Many organisations, including the Department of Transport, have lauded this as being a giant stride in the right direction for road safety.

“One of the services Kishugu Fleet Solutions offers is the leasing of vehicles. Whether you own a big or small business, or you’re a landowner and don’t necessarily have the funding of owning your own fleet, Kishugu Fleet Solutions is the answer.

“It leases vehicles according to each client’s needs. We supply high-quality vehicles while ensuring that global best practice is applied. This ensures the safety of people, vehicles and equipment,” states Robby Stevenson, CEO of Kishugu Fleet Solutions.

In offering this service, Kishugu answers a need often experienced by Lowvelders. “Many businesses, forest companies and landowners such as farmers in our area need personnel carriers,” Stevenson explains.

When working on gravel and open roads, for example, it is important that companies avoid risky decisions such as carrying personnel on the back of an light-duty vehicle (LDV). Kishugu Fleet Solutions operations manager and driver-behaviour specialist, Janine Eatwell, stresses the importance of personnel carriers.

“Gone are the days where you took the risk of transporting your personnel on the back of an LDV. The risk lies in when your LDV overturns, the people you carry can be seriously injured or killed. People need to be seated in a covered vehicle and our fleet comes with harness-type seat belts as well,” Eatwell says. Forestry company GR Forestry’s owner Reinier le Roux makes use of Kishugu’s service.

“Because of Kishugu Fleet Solutions’ good track record, it can mitigate the risk on our behalf. You can only win by leasing vehicles from Kishugu,” he says. “Kishugu Fleet Solutions’ personnel carriers are well equipped according to the highest standards. It understands the forestry industry and spec vehicles according to our specific needs,” adds Le Roux.

“I have peace of mind, knowing that Kishugu Fleet Solutions has a Journey Management Centre which monitors my fleet 24/7, every day of the year,” he says. He lists a host of benefits it offers.

“My fleet also comes standard with DriveCam and DriveTrac, which means lower costs and maximum driver and passenger safety. Financially it’s more cost effective, because when I need to exchange vehicles it’s cheaper. Should you renew your contract, you get a brand-new vehicle and Kishugu Fleet Solutions carries all the maintenance costs and risk during the leasing period.”

Stevenson elaborates on the vehicles offered by Kishugu. “We typically make use of Isuzu vehicles and modify them to be labour or personnel carriers. Our personnel carriers, with 28 certified seats, are built strictly according to all legislative and safety requirements,” he adds. Kishugu develops a fleet policy for each customer determining the lease period, the depreciation, safety requirements and a replacement policy. “No matter what your requirements are, we aim to meet them!” he says.

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