Manage your drivers with Kishugu Fleet Solutions

If you are a fleet owner, you are faced with risks on the road every kilometre of every trip. And, as Kishugu Fleet Solutions operations manager and driver behaviour specialist

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On 16/08/2017

Manage your drivers with Kishugu Fleet Solutions

16 Aug, 2017Kishugu Fleet

If you are a fleet owner, you are faced with risks on the road every kilometre of every trip. And, as Kishugu Fleet Solutions operations manager and driver behaviour specialist, Janine Eatwell, states, “Fatigue is the most common phenomenon among drivers nationwide, who are on the road daily”.

Kishugu Fleet Solutions supplies holistic, tailored fleet-management solutions to minimise costs and maximise driver and passenger safety.

“Our company supplies high-quality vehicles and global best-practice fleet solutions, such as the DriveCam. This ensures the safety of people, vehicles and equipment,” says Robby Stevenson, CEO of Kishugu Fleet Solutions.

Stevenson says all their clients, such as Buhle Betfu Carriers, really see the benefit of these fleet solutions, as safety plays a major role.

“Since I started working with the DriveCam system, I came to realise the significant positive impact it made to our client’s fleet and its drivers,” says Eatwell.

DriveCam intelligence optimises driver behaviour, reduces the risk of accidents and has an accident reconstruction facility. It improves HR functions with actionable insights into driver behaviour.
“Our clients are more aware of the risks that their fleets are exposed to and mitigate them easier. They also save on maintenance, fuel usage, vehicle downtime, loss of production and driver behaviour and turnover, which is a great benefit.

“They have a laid-out plan of action they can follow by utilising the expert analysis and coaching tools provided by DriveCam.”

Buhtle Beftu Carriers is a 24/7, 365-day fleet operation, which recently partnered with Kishugu Fleet Solutions.

They’ve installed 82 DriveCams in their fleet, which includes smart trucks (performance-based specific), 22-metre trailer trucks, bakkies and people carriers.

Buhtle Beftu Carriers’ success stems from 15 years of experience, and it has an excellent track record of delivering to its clients. To achieve this, dedication, commitment and very hard work needs to be put in by the 251 drivers to supply timber to Sappi Ngodwana Mill, Sappi Lomati in Barberton and Sappi in Richards Bay.

They also supply a sugar-cane delivery service to the TSB mills.

“It is very possible that fatigue might play a role when we are working long hours,” states Rocky Smith, CEO of Buhtle Beftu Carriers.

“The DriveCam system was money well spent to accomplish a better disciplined workforce, resulting in savings and accident costs, downtime, and general maintenance.”

“What we love about the system is when a driver gets tired, his erratic driving will trigger the camera and a clip will pop up on the Kishugu Journey Management Centre’s screen, which operates and monitors 24/7. You also have an extra pair of eyes from the public through the Drive Report stickers at the back of the fleet.
“We see this as support towards our fleet, and not something negative. Should a risk be identified, the Kishugu Fleet Solutions control room notifies us immediately and we get in touch with the driver, who is instructed to take a break. At the end of the day, it’s about saving lives and putting safety first,” Smith explains.

“We commit ourselves to companies which have very high and strict safety standards, and it is important that we also comply on the highest levels.

Smith states that Buhle Betfu Carriers continually strives for improved performance by exploring innovative ideas and principles, and the DriveCam system is but one of these innovations.

Originally published on Lowvelder available here.

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